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DC20 Severen Pederson Hand Carved and sterling inlay  Short Reed Goose Call  Price: SOLD 

DC21  Severen Pederson Hand Carved and sterling inlay Duck Call Price SOLD

20                  21

DC22 P.S. Olt Close Range Predator Call with Instructions Price: $30.00

DC23 P.S. Olt Crow Call  Price: $25.00

DC24 Early  P.S. Olt Crow Call Price: $35.00

DC25 P.S. Olt Keyhole Style duck call with Patent Stopper  Price $35.00 SOLD

DC26  P.S. Olt Keyhole Style duck call with Patent Stopper  Price: $55.00 SOLD

DC27  P.S. Olt Keyhole Style duck call with Patent Stopper Price: $45.00 SOLD


       22   23  24      25       26     27  
DC37  P.S. Olt Model 800 Goose Call, Price:SOLD

DC38  P.S. Olt Model A-50 Goose Call, Price: SOLD

DC39 P.S. Olt Model T-20 Fox Coyote call in the box with instructions, Price: SOLD

DC40 P.S. Olt Model N-27 Perfect Coon Call in the box with instructions, Price $30.00  SOLD

DC41  P.S. Olt 33 Predator Call in the box with instructions, Price $35.00


     37   38  39            40         41         
DC28  Herter's Plantation Turkey Call in box with instructions, Price $50.00 SOLD

DC29  Herter's 903 Master Deer Call in box, Price $40.00  SOLD

DC30 Herter's Number 99 Squirrel call in box with instructions, Price $50.00  SOLD

          28                 29              30  
DC34  Sport Lore Deer Call Kit in box,  Price $35.00


DC35  Lohman No. 111 Game Call in Box,   Price $35.00 SOLD


DC36  Lohman No. 104 Crow Call in Box, Price $50.00

          34             35                36  
P.S. Olt duck calls DC1.   P.S. Olt, Pekin, IL duck call.   Big Water adjustable Diver Call for cans, bluebills and red heads. Has original reed and keyhole stopper.  Price: $75.  SOLD

DC2. P.S. Olt Key Hole Style Duck Call Key hole style duck call with patent stopper.  Price: $45 SOLD

SOLDDC3. P.S. Olt Adjustable Duck Call.  Early style with slide adjustable duck call  Price: $150  SOLD

DC4. P.S. Olt Squirrel Call Price: $30

DC5. P.S. Olt Crow Call  Price:  $35

              1        2        3       4      5

Duck Calls DC10.  Elam Fisher Type Tongue Pincher Diver Duck Call. This call is in excellent working condition and has the original metal band.  Price: $110  SOLD

DC11.  Broadbill Diver Duck Call by N.C. Hansen, Zimmerman, MN. good condition has original paint and is in working condition with some paint loss to the mouthpiece and on the edges.  Price: $45. SOLD

DC12.  Oscar Quam Prototype Duck Call Ex. condition.  This is part of the collection of calls that were found in Quam's residence after he passed away. this call has no reed and was found that way. A rare example.  Price: $275

DC13. Herter's Master Deer Call No 903 MIB  Price: $45 SOLD

 DC14. Herter's Crow Call MIB   Price: $45  SOLD

10    11    12        13                 14  


DC15. Two Rivers Walnut Duck Call  Price: $100  SOLD

DC16. Two Rivers Osage Orange Duck Call

Price: $100

DC17. Oliveros Crow Call  Price: $45

DC18. Grubbs Duck Call  Price: $275


         15            16        17        18  





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