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All ammunition is for collecting/decorative purposes only and we in no way guarantee or imply them to be functional in anyway other than the stated use above. All boxes are professionally wrapped in plastic and ready for your display.




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Federal Salesman Sample Pack of Shells.

Price: $150.00


American Eagle 12 ga, full box   SOLD

Peter's High Velocity 410 ga box , full box

SB112  Price:    SOLD

Winchester Ranger 16 ga Partial Box

Price: $65    SB76


Peters High Velocity 20 ga. Rustless
2 pc. shot shell box

Price: $125     SB77


Holiday 22 Long Rifle

Price: $22    SB78


Browning 9 mil 2 pc box, full box, original shells

Price: $30    SB80

Federal Hi-Power 20 ga, full box

Price:$35  SB81

Peters Referee 12 ga. 2 pc. shot shell box 

Price: SOLD  SB4

 Sears Roebuck & Co. Mallard  Sport Loads 12 ga. 2 pc. shot shell box 

Price: SOLD   SB5

                             United States Cartridge Co. Climax Heavies 12 ga. 2 pc. shot shell box.

     SOLD     SB6                                      

Remington Nitro Express Game Load 12 ga., 16 ga. 2 pc. shot shell boxes 

Price: $70 choice  SB8

Federal Hi-Power 28 ga. Box

Price: $ 35       SB82

Holiday Target Load 12 ga box, reloaded shells, full box

Price: $35      SB86

.United States Cartridge Co. Defiance 16 ga. 2 pc. shot shell box  SOLD  SB9 American Cartridge Co. American Eagle 12 ga. shot shell box Also available in 16ga, 20ga and 410 ga  SOLD  SB12

Peters Victor 12 ga Box 2 5/8", full box, orinal shells

SB113  Price:  $55.00

Holiday 12 ga Duck & Pheasant load, full box

SB114  Price $65.00

Holiday Field Load 12 ga full shot shell box.  This box comes straight out of the case and is in near mint condition. 

Price: $65.00  SB14 

Federal Hi-Power .410 full shot shell box Price: $35   SB58
Federal Cartridge Co. Monark Trap & Skeet 12 ga. shot shell box  pair  Price: $55  SB21 SB115  SOLD
Remington Express Standard Length Magnum 12 ga. full shot shell box  Price:SOLD  SB23 Winchester 20 ga Dove & Quail, full box

SB116  Price $24.00

Winchester Ranger Super Target Loads 12 ga. full box shot shells 

Price: $35  SB27

Browning 35 Power 28 ga. 7-1/2 shot full box paper shells 

Price: $75   SB29

Eley 12 ga 2 inch shell , unopened box

SB117  Price $42.00

Federal Cartridge Co. Hi-Power Flying duck SB31 & Trapshooter .410 3 in. full shot shell boxes  SB32  Price: $35 SB31, $40 SB32
Sears Roebuck & Co. Extra-Range .410 3 in. partial box paper shells 

Price: $25   SB34

Western Cartridge Co. Western Super X .410 3 in. full box shot shells

 Price: $35   SB35

Federal Monark 20 ga, full box

SB118  Price SOLD

Federal Cartridge Hi-Power trapshooter .410 2 1/2"
Price $ 30


Peters High Velocity Rustless .410 2-1/2 in. shot shell box    Price: $45   SB40 Remington Arms-Union Metallic Cartridge Co. 7m/m 2 pc. full rifle shell box Price: $40  SB41
Peters Cartridge Co. .30-40 Krag & Win. 2 pc. full 2 pc. rifle shell box  Price: $40  SB42 SOLD Western Cartridge Co. Western Super-X 257 Roberts full box rifle cartridges  Price: $35   SB43
Winchester Repeating Arms Co. 7m/m Full Patch Cartridges full 2 pc. box Price: $35   SB44 Holiday 12 ga 2 3/4" magnum load, full box

SB119 Price SOLD

Holiday Target Load 20ga. Empty shot shell box.  Price: $30.00   SB48 Winchester Super Speed .410 ga Shot Shell Box
Price:  $50.00


Holiday Duck and Pheasant Load 20ga. Empty shell  Box. 

Price: $35.00   SB51

Holiday 20 ga 3" magnum load  Full box

SB120  Price:  $90.00 SOLD

Western Auto Stores Revelation 12ga. Full box.

Price: $50.00   SB53

Peters High Velocity 20ga. Full Box.

Price: $ 65.00  SB54  

Peters High Velocity 16 ga, full box

SB121  Price $45.00

Remington UMC Kleanbore Nitro Express Extra Long Range 12ga. Full Box.

Price: $ 40.00   SB56

Peters .410 ga, 2 1/2" High Velocity, Rustless, Long Range, partial box
Price:  $ 40


Alcan 12ga. empty box                  
Price: $ 22   SB65
Peters High Velocity 410 ga, full box

SB122  Price $35.00

Wards Hawthorne 20ga.Half Full original shells  Price: $ 30    SB69
J.C. Higgins 20ga. Extra Range Empty           Price: $24    SB70

J.C. Higgins 20ga Magnum Empty         Price: $24    SB71

Sears Sport Load 20ga. 11 original shells.

Price: $ 25     SB73

Federal Hi Power 20 ga , 3" magnum full box

Price: SOLD



Federal Hi-Power 28 ga, full box, original shells

Price: SOLD


Federal Hi-Power 16 ga, full original shells

Price: $30

Holiday 16ga Field Load, full box, original shells

Price: $45

Kleanbore Nitro Express 20 GA, full box

Price: $35

Hiawatha .22 long Rifle

Price: $15

Mallard  Smokeless, Clinton Cartridge Co. 12 Ga, Empty Box

Price: $125

Sport Loads Mallard 12 ga, empty box

Price: $250

Remington UMC Nitro Club 12 GA, partial box

Price: $125

Gander Mountain 12ga Reload Box

Price: $10


Sears Field Load12ga Shell box, full box

Price: $20

Sears SportLoad 12 ga  2 pc shell box, full

Price: $125

Western Super X 410 ga box, full  original shells

Price: $30

Peters 12 GA Victor Shell box, full box

Price: $50

Wards Red Head 16 GA Long range

Price: $45 SOLD

Western Super-X 12 GA, 2 pc empty box

Price: $70

Winchester Super Speed 12 ga box, marked US Property, full box

Price: $60

Western Xpert 20 ga Box, full box

Price: $30

Remington 28 ga Sealed box, full original shells

SB123  Price SOLD

Winchester Super Speed 410 ga Skeet load, full box


Winchester 8 ga full box

SB125  Price $60.00


Western Super X, 12 ga Slugs

SB126  Price $35.00

Remington UMC .22 long Rifle Hollow Point Silvadry

SB127  Price $45.00 SOLD

Winchester Silvertip .30 Caliber Remington auto Rifle shell Box

SB128  Price $125.00

Winchester Silvertip .32 caliber Remington auto Rifle shell Box

  SB129Price $140.00

Winchester SilverTip .35 caliber Remington auto Rifle shell box

SB130  Price $125.00

Holiday 410 Empty Boxes

SB131  Price: $125.00 each

Winchester Super Speed W, 410 ga, 3 inch

SB132  Price $35.00

Peters High Velocity 20 ga  3"Extra Length


SB133  Price $125.00  SOLD       

Revelation Maximum load 16 ga

SB134  Price $55.00 SOLD














































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