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Wildfowler Old Saybrook Red Head Drake


This decoy is made of Balsa wood with a pine head.  It has excellent original paint with minor wear and an old coat of varnish on the bottom.  It has a semi inletted neck and retains it original eyes. 

FD65N  Price: $300.00


Wildfowler Old Saybrook GoldenEye Drake

This Balsa wood with Pine Head Golden Eye Drake is in near mint condition with a small amount of flaking on the top of the head.  It has excellent original paint and a semi inletted neck.

FD66N Price: $425.00  SOLD



Reynolds Folding Goose Decoy



The Canada Goose Decoy for Land Shooting No. 2  by J.W. Reynold's Decoy Company, Chicago, IL.  This is a wooden profile Canada Goose Decoy with pivots at the head, neck and where the stake joins the body.  It is in excellent original paint and condition.

FD64N Price: $85.00





Al Ries, Chicago, IL Tru-Dux Factory Wood Duck Hen  


This Rare Hen wood duck decoy is part of the decoy rig of Lewis H. Barkhausen from Illinois.  His initials are on the bottom.  It is one of only about two dozen wood ducks made by Al Ries.  In 1941 this decoy was one of the decoys that were used to make a film about hunting to promote "Ducks Unlimited".  This decoy is in excellent original condition and original paint.  It does have a small repair to the edge of one area of the tail.  This is one of the rarest factory wood duck decoys ever made.  The only factory wood duck that would be more rare would be a Mason Factory Wood duck.  This would be a unique and valuable addition to anyone's collection of factory decoys.

FD191 Price: $ 7500.00  SOLD




Herter's Canvas over Cork Small Body Bluebill Pair

Herter's Manufacturing Company produced Canvas over Cork Decoys in three different sizes.  They made them in a large Mammoth size, a medium life size and a small bodied still which is what these are.  these Decoys are in excellent original condition with minor shot marks or tears in the cloth body.  They are made out of cork with a wooden bottom board.  The Canvas is stretched over the cork and nailed to the wood bottom board.  The heads are wood with Glass eyes FD67N

$285.00  SOLD




Animal Trap D4 Imperial Mallard Pair  


These decoys are in excellent original paint and condition.  They were produced in the late 1950's.  The heads are moveable and pose able.

FD46PR  Price $ 265.00




Victor Animal Trap D4 Factory Mallard Pair  




This well matched pair of D4 mallards has excellent original paint and great condition.  They also have the original factory stamps on the bottom

FD61PR  Price:  $225.00




Animal Trap stamped Victor Model No. 1 Mallard Pair



These decoys have excellent original paint.  Both decoys have cold stamped Victor on the bottom.  The hen has paint along the factory filled crack on one side and a crack on the bottom.  The drake is in real nice shape.

FD62  Price:  $210.00  SOLD



Herters Manufacturing Co., Waseca, MN  Wood Duck Decoy

Here is another fine example of one of the decorative decoys that Herter's manufactured from 1971 to 1980.  This decoy is in excellent original paint and condition with a tight wood drying crack running along the bottom of the decoy.  It is stamped with the Herter's Inc. 1893 stamp.
FD180  Price: $175.00


Wildfowler Green Wing Teal pair  


This pair of Wildfowler teal are in excellent unused condition.  The hen does have a slight crack in the bill.
These decoys have an unusual snuggle head style and are from the late period factory.

FD253PR Price: $475.00  SOLD




P. S. Olt Co. Cardboard Crow Decoy





This is a flat two sided cardboard stickup decoy with a fold up metal leg. 

FD2N  Price: $24.00





Victor Animal Trap Decoy Co. Mint Mallard Drake Decoy

This decoy is about as mint as you will see them and has the impressed VICTOR stamp on the bottom. it has a tight in the making crack in the back with factory filler showing under the paint. Decoy was never weighted or used.

FD48  Price: $110.00  SOLD



Rare Hamlin Boat Works, Muskegon, MI. Factory Blue Wing Teal Pair
Hamlin Boatworks Teal Pair  

Here is a hard to find pair of teal decoys. You see mallards by this obscure decoy factory but rarely teal. These decoys are in good original paint and condition. There is some separation at the neck seats of both decoys, and wear to the head and tail areas.

FD49PR  Price: $ 400.00 Pr.



Animal Trap Co of America Blue Wing Teal Drake Decoy



Here is a hard to find factory teal decoy. It has original paint with moderate wear, a small tail chip  and one replaced eye.

FD156  Price: $ 200.00  SOLD

Rare Herter's Mfg. Co. Model Perfect Canada Goose Decoy

If you collect Herter's Decoys and don't have one of these here is your chance to get a good one. This decoy has original paint with some possible touch up to the white on the tail area and a nice well carved high head with detailed bill carving. A stylish and hard to find goose decoy in this condition.

FD10N  Price: $400.00







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