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                      Mason Decoy Co. Premier Canada Goose




 Mason Premier Canada Goose, Circa 1910 in untouched out of the hunting rig condition

 It has excellent original paint with some old hunter touch up around the neck and around an original factory crack on the back.

It does have some old varnish drips on the back that cannot be seen in the pictures.
FD79N Price: $7750.00 Sale $7000.00

Mason Challenge Grade Hollow Canvasback Drake




Mason Decoy Company, Michigan Hollow Challenge Grade Canvasback Drake in Original Paint.  Circa 1910
FD74N Price: $995.00









Mason Tack Eye Blue Wing Teal Drake



Mason Decoy Company, Excellent Original Condition in Original Paint with the Hunter's Brand on the bottom.
FD80N Price: $949.00 









Dodge or Peterson Hen Mallard


In worn original Paint.FD73N  Price: $475 On Sale $400.00  







Mason Decoy Company Challenge Grade Hollow Golden Eye Drake




This decoy is in worn original paint and has a repair to the neck.
FD78N Price: $777.00 










Mason Decoy Company Tack Eye Golden Eye Drake


 This Decoy is in very good original Paint, with original Neck filler,
FD84N Price: $720.00 











Dodge Decoy Company Mallard Hen



This Decoy is in Excellent, Near Mint Original paint withe some restored neck filler and a small spot of filler replacement on one side
FD77N Price: $900.00 
















Dodge Decoy Company Red Head Drake



Jasper N. Dodge, Detroit, Mi. Ca. 1880's Second Generation Tack Eye Red Head Dr. Duck Decoy. This is a nice example with very good original blended paint and a mellow patina. It has some wear through the paint under the tail and on the right front of the breast. The neck filler looks original but is probably replaced. There is some original factory filler missing from a knot on the left side of the head.

                         FD59        Price: $1150  SOLD



Dodge Decoy Company Blue Bill Hen

Jasper N. Dodge, Detroit, MI CA 1880's Second Generation Tack Eye Blue Bill Hen Duck Decoy. This decoy has excellent original paint and nice mellow patina. It has some wear along  the sides and around a in factory filled crack in the back. The neck filler looks original but is probably replaced

 FD60   $625.00





Mason Decoy Company Glass Eye Black Duck Drake





 This Decoy is in good original paint with some wear.  FD81N Price: $427.00  SOLD





























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