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 Albert D. Koepsel  Neenah, Wisconsin 1930's Bluebill Drake


Albert Koepsel carved several hundred solid cans, bluebill, mallard and coot decoys from the 1920's to the early 1950's. This decoy is solid with Koepsel's trademark painted eyes. Its in excellent near mint untouched original paint and condition. It has a small amount of the original neck filler missing on the front of the neck and wear on the edge of the bill and top of the head It measures 14x7x6-1/2 inches. 

W67   Price: $225  







 Myron Mackowski, Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, Oversized Hollow Canvasback Drake Duck Decoy



This decoy is part of a  rig of very rare early Mackowski canvasback decoys we recently discovered in Wisconsin. There were several different styles of  canvasback decoys in the rig that included only a few hollow oversized examples. Most of the decoys were repainted and showed signs of hard usage. This decoy is 19-1/2 long, 8 inches wide and 10-1/2 inches high. Its hollow  with a bottom board and has old working repaint on the body and original paint on the head. It has a very well carved high head with a  professional bill repair of app. 1/4 of the end of the bill with paint touchup in that area. This decoy dates to the early 1900's, and is probably one of Mackowski's earliest  decoys.    W75   Price:  $650



Near Mint Evans Mammoth Grade Canvasback Drake



Here is a about as good as you can get hand painted, vs. the later spray painted, Evans Mammoth Can. This decoy was never rigged, weighted, or used. It has thick detailed original paint with no wear and the "Evans Decoy", factory stamp on the bottom. It has just a few flakes of paint loss on the tail and the neck seat areas and a tight crack in the neck with no movement, that runs to the seat area and not through the neck. This is truly an investment grade Evans Decoy for the serious collector.   W178

Price: $ Price On Request

Evans Mammoth Hollow Blue Bill Pair

This rigmate pair of decoys has original paint with moderate wear.  These are hollow with the original glass eyes and retain the original Evans stamp on the bottom of both decoys.  This pair of decoys would be a good starter pair for the beginning Evans collector.

W173PR   Price: $1100.00  SOLD

Harold Leeder, LaCrosse, Wisconsin Pintail Drake


Harold Leeder was friends and the hunting partner of Walter Lowery, and, both were from LaCrosse, WI.  Harold's first decoys were designed using Lowery patterns.  Walter Lowery even painted and carved the heads of Harold's first decoy rig.  This decoy is one of Harold's later carvings probably dating to the 1950'2 or 1960's.  This decoy has never been weighted or used and is in mint condition.  This is a very rare Wisconsin decoy.

W146  Price: $550.00


Earl Volker, Milwaukee, WI, Bluebill Pair
Volker Blue Bill Pair

 Wisconsin Milwaukee School Earl Volker Rigmate Bluebill Pair Ca. 1940's. These decoys are in excellent-near mint original condition. They were found with a number of Milwaukee school decoys about 10 years ago. They are weighted but probably used very little and they are solid. They have excellent paint and the drake has carving in the tail area. The hen is slightly larger than the drake. The drakes bill has been broke off and re-glued leaving a fine line and a very small piece missing. These are an excellent example of the typical carved and realistic paint patterns of this area.   W1PRN  Price: $ 800.00 for the pair









Myron Mackowski  Beaver Dam, WI. Hen Canvasback Duck Decoy

Circ: 1920



canvasback hen




This decoy is another different style of canvasback decoy made by Mackowski from the recently discovered rig. It's much smaller and more refined than the earlier  hollow example. This decoy shows the more typical speculum that he used that looks like a Evans and many other carvers of that era. This decoys head is very well carved with excellent bill carving typical of his better grade of decoy. It has good original paint with wear to the sides and several age lines.

W69   Price: $475.00 SOLD



 Hollow Milwaukee School Style Mallard Drake


Hollow Milwaukee School Style Mallard Drake by an unknown Maker.  There are a number of these hollow laminated construction decoys in collections.  This decoy has a mixture of original paint and touch up to various areas of flaking including the sides and in and around the neck seat area and head.  The decoy is approximately 90% original paint and 10% touch up.  A very rare example.

W238  Price:  $1200.00



Evans Decoy Co. Ladysmith, WI.  Early Rig mate Canvasback Pair Circa: 1920's
canvasback pair



Here is a nice rig mate pair of Early Evans Cans that have been used and show their wear but still retain most of their original paint. Both decoys show wear and roughness to the bare wood on the tails. App. 1/4 of the drakes bill on the bottom appears to have been broke off and professionally reset with paint touchup in that area. Both decoys have a rig brand on the bottom. A nice pair for the money.

  W18PR  Price: $ 1200.00  SOLD



Early Lake Koshkonong, (S E Wisconsin) Green Wing Teal Hen Ca: 1900


This is a fine little green wing teal hen by a unknown maker from the Edgerton, WI. area. It was used from 1900 until the 1950's we were told on Lake Koshkonong which had a large migration of green wing teal that stopped there every year.  It has well carved head with tack eyes and bill carving. Its in excellent original paint and has a coat of varnish that appears to be original. It has a small tail chip and a few age lines with some minor wear. It measures 12-1/4x4x4 inches. Any Wisconsin teal decoy is rare.

    W82   Price: $ 275.00



John Hanson, Edgerton, WI. Green Wing Teal Hen Circ: 1920's


John Hanson made a small rig of teal for his own use in and around the Lake Koshkonong area of S.E. Wisconsin. This decoy has excellent dry original paint and has the original rig line and bottom weight intact.  It has tack eyes and bill carving and has very subtle feathering on the back. It has a small mouse chew on one side of the tail and wear at the end.

                      W83    Price: $ $250.00




Unknown Pair of Hollow Oversize Bluebills from central Wisconsin
bluebill pair

These decoys date to the 1950's and are in excellent original paint. They have carved raised wings and detailed head carving with glass eyes and excellent structure. There are a few rubs and the keels are missing off of them.

                       W3N  Price: $350.00 Pair








Ted Thyron Oshkosh, WI. Coot Decoy ca. 1940's

Here is one of the better examples of a Wisconsin coot decoy, and there are many from this state. This decoy has it all, detail carving on the head and body, a nice high head and excellent original paint. It does have a split in the wood on one side and a slight separation in the neck seat area, but this is typical for his decoys.

W68    Price: $ 300.00


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