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In this section I hope to provide some insight into both what condition you should expect my merchandise to be in and how descriptive I will be in grading it.  If you are already familiar with antiques then you will know that in most cases they were made to serve a purpose and to be used much of the time in everyday life.   

This means that many of the items I offer for sale can and do show signs of use.  Normal use does not necessarily detract from the piece's character and appeal, but with some types of collectibles such as glass, dinnerware and pottery-stoneware, chips, cracks and scratching can greatly decrease the value. Other collectibles such as working decoys, furniture, and items used outdoors many times were freshened up with new paint or repaired-refinished as needed over the years. So it is expected that you will see signs of wear and tear on these items. It is rare to find these items in perfect original condition.

 I classify all of my inventory to be in at least good and working original condition unless otherwise stated. Any known damage or repairs will be noted in the description and guaranteed as such. You can trust my opinion that's based on 30 years in the Antique business and seeing and handling literally thousands of antiques and collectibles and using that experience to judge condition. 

Most of my inventory is in good original condition or better.  If I feel anything does not meet my criteria of good, my description will state that.  Please take advantage of the full size pictures to view the inventory up close by clicking on the thumbnails on each of my menu pages. Also feel free to ask for more pictures of any item you are interested in purchasing. 

Please remember that much of what I offer is 50 to 100 or more years old and is a piece of our history. We are all only temporary owners and caretakers of our vintage collectibles. Let us pass them on with as much history and in as original condition as possible.    Enjoy your journey back into time while you explore Decoy Ducks & Antique Stuff.  Always feel free to contact me with any questions, comments or concerns you may have in regards to my site.  Thanks for visiting Decoy Ducks & Antique Stuff.


















































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