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Antique and Collectible Appraisal Terms and Conditions


I offer an appraisal service through my website for anyone wishing to access a fair market value for their antiques and collectibles.  I have dealt in American antiques and collectibles for over 30 years and have the experience and resources to determine a fair market value appraisal of your items. I also will do complete estate appraisals and liquidations in the upper Midwest.

There are several variables that can affect the potential value of antiques and collectibles.

1.  Condition can dramatically affect the potential value of most antiques and collectibles no matter if they are rare or common.  It is very important that any and all flaws, chips, cracks, breaks, etc. are described in as much detail as possible.

2.  Rarity of an item is determined by how many were produced and/or how readily available it can be found in today's marketplace.  The value can be increased based solely on the supply and demand factor.

3.  Location can affect value.  Some items may be more desirable in one area of the country than another and the pricing will also vary.

If you are interested in having any of your items appraised, please fill out the request for appraisal form .  Please note that I will need a detailed description of the item, including dimensions, the condition as detailed above including as much detail as possible as far as any markings on the item, any imperfections that are seen, no matter how insignificant they may appear to you.

Please mail or e-mail pictures of the item showing different angles, including front, back sides and bottom where applicable.  This will help facilitate a more accurate appraisal of your item.

You will receive either an email or printed copy via US Mail of your appraisal on my letterhead stating a value of each item in an itemized form. All items will be researched for most current value. Unique items will get a second opinion from my known experts.

Mail Pictures to:
Decoy Ducks-N-Antique Stuff
P.O. Box 43
Cologne, MN 55322

E-Mail Pictures to:

If you have additional questions before submitting your request for appraisal, please email or call 1-952-412-3751.

All Payments are to be in U.S. Dollars
Acceptable Payment Methods
Cash, Money Orders, Personal Check (I wait 7 days for checks to clear) Visa and MasterCard.

Appraisal Pricing

1-4 Items     $20.00 each
5-10 Items      $15.00 each
11 + Items Contact me for Volume Discounts

By submitting your item's) for appraisal you agree to the terms and conditions of appraisal








































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