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Decoy Ducks-N-Antique Stuff

Miscellaneous Hunting Collectibles

MH01  US Forest Notice Sign
10" X 7"
Price: $50.00 
MH02  US Forest Property Boundary Sign
10" X7"
Price: $60.00
MH03 Carry-Lite Paper Mache Corn


MH04 Game Refuge Sign, Made out of heavy Cardboard

Price: $30.00

Herters Decoy Weights
MH05A Rare Rubber Weight Price: $35.00
MH05B Bottom Weight  Price: $8.00
MH05C Goose weight Price: $15.00
MH05D Duck weight Price: $12.00
MH05E Duck Weight Price: $10.00
MH06A Mason Decoy bottom weight Price: $22.00
MH06B Roloff cast iron Price: $38.00
MH06C Unknown Cast Iron mushroom weight Price: $22.00
MH06D unknown Lead Price: $12.00
MH06E Unknown lead Price: $20.00
MH07 State Game Refuge Sign Heavily embossed Metal sign with raised letters

18" X 12"


MH08 Hays Manufacturing Co. Automatic Decoy Anchor. Price: $25.00
MH11 Turn-About ammunition and shooting box seat.  Top raises up to sit on, SOLD
Lead Hoop Decoy Weights
MH10a Price:5.00
MH10c Price $12.00
MH10d Price $10.00
MH10e Price $5.00
Handmade Birch Bark Back Pack Trapping Pack



































































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