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        Powder Tins & Oil Cans


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Late 19th. Century Copper Powder Flask w Original Carrying Strap. TO1 

Price: $225

            Stoeger Mfg. Co. tins Price: $25 each choice Sold

Blasting cap tins.










2. Kentucky Powder tin $125.00
3. Sold
4. Sold


1. DuPont $35.00
2. DuPont $35.00
3. Sold
4. Sold


Fiebing's Prime Neatsfoot Oil Tin  TO3

Price: $25 


Burbank Trapper Scent bottles, original contents, original tubes
Coon & Weasel $85
Muskrat $125  Sold

1. $75.00
2. Sold
3. Sold
4. Sold

T032a Singer Household Oil Price: $35.00
T032b Schwinn Cycle Oil Price: $30.00
T032c Spalding Spee-De Mitt & Glove Dressing Price: $25.00

Winchester Gun Grease TO17 $25.00
Remington Rust Remover TO18 $30.00 Sold
Hoppe's Gun Grease TO19 $20.00
T029a Browning Ultra fine gun oil, Price: SOLD
T029b Browning Ultra fine gun oil, Price: $25.00
T029c Browning Ultra fine gun oil, Price: SOLD
T029d Hoppe's Lubricating Oil, Price: $15.00
T030a Bardahl gun oil tin Price: $225.00
T030b Vantrol gun & Reel oil tin Price: $125.00
T030c Cities Service gun oil tin Price: Sold
T030d Anderol gun oil tin Price: $85.00



T031a Shell Handy Oil Price: $38.00
T031b Shell Handy Oil Price: $30.00
T031c, O.K.'s Household Oil Price: $25.00
T031d Union household Oil Price: $20.00
T33 Fur Fame Bait Co. Volcano Smokers, Price: SOLD T038a Winchester Gun Oil, Price: $45.00
T038b Winchester Gun Oil, Price: $200.00
T038c Winchester Gun Oil Price: $35.00
T038d Winchester Gun Oil SOLD
T034a Fiend oil Triple Action Gun Oil. Price: $38.00
T034b Marbles Nitro Solvent Gun Oil Price: $75.00
T034c Marbles Nitro Solvent Oil, Price: $65.00
T034d Shure Kleen Gun Oil, Price: $175.00
T035a Sears Ted Williams Gun Oil, Price: $25.00
T035b Western Field Gun Oil, Price: $35.00
T035c MasterCraft Gun Oil, Flip Top, Price: $30.00
T035d MasterCraft Gun Oil, Price: $35.00
T036a Remington Powder Solvent, Price: SOLD
T036b Remington Gun Oil, Price: $30.00
T036c Sears Gun oil Price: $30.00
T036d Outers Gun Oil, Price: $20.00
T037a Hopkins & Allen Patch Lubricant and Powder Solvent., Price: $45.00
T037b Ol' Sarge Gun Oil; Price: $35.00
T037c Hoppe's Lubricating Oil, Price: $28.00











































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