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Ferman Eyre, Brockville, Ontario Blackduck 




Hollow decoy in Good Original paint.

HC134 Price:  $275.00





Probable Steven Lane, Lacon, Illinois Mallard Drake.  Restored and repainted.


HC137 Price: $275.00


Charles Schoenheider Jr. Mallard Drale




This Illinois Decoy is in Excellent Original Paint
HC138 Price: $225.00


Unknown Illinois River Mallard Drake





Illinois River Decoy is in worn original paint
HC139 Price: $175.00


George Strunk Miniature Merganzer Drake



George Strunk hand carved contemporary Merganzer Drake
HC140 Price: $275.00

William Hart Canadian Black Duck









William Hart, Belleview, Ontario, hand carved Black Duck.  It's hollow in original paint.  One side of has been heavily hit with shot.

HC131 Price: $1700.00  On Sale $1500.00


Unknown English Carved Mallard Hen




This decoy is in near mint original condition and has never been used.


HC132 Price: $850.00


Charles Perdew Pintail Drake with original paint by Cline McCalpin

Cline McCalpin learned to carve decoys as a Protégé of Charles Perdew.  This very rare pintail decoy was Carved by Charles Perdew. Henry, Illinois and painted by Cline McCalpin of Chicago, Illinois.  The decoy was probably made as a decorative for someone as it was never rigged for hunting.  It appears to be unused with excellent original paint.  Circa late 1950's early 1960's.

HC18N Price: $2000.00  On Sale $1500.00


Dave Simandl Wood Duck




Dave Simandl, Caro Michigan, Rare Wood Duck Drake in near mint original condition.  Never been used and is signed on the bottom.

FD90  Price: $475.00













Billy Ellis Blue Bill pair

Unused pair of Blue Bills by Billy Ellis, Canada.  These were a part of a set of decoys that were used as display models in a hardware store that sold decoys.  The are in excellent unused condition.  All original paint  HC128  $1750.00



Early John Blair Jr. attributed Gadwall Drake


This decoy probably dates to the early 1880's or before.  It has very good original paint.  It does have a repair to the neck crack.  The bill had been broken off and reattached with a nail, probably done by the hunter years ago.  HC129N $3900.00  On Sale $2500.00

Unknown Michigan Redhead Pair

Giant oversized Hollow redheads by an unknown maker. From Michigan in original paint with gunning wear. 

HC133: Price: $ 595.00


A Pair of Bluebills from Minnesota by an unknown Carver


The Hen is in excellent Original Paint.  The drake has worn paint.  Both Decoys have glass eyes and bill carving.

HC136 Price: $245.00



Bernard Ohnmacht, Lafayette, Indiana Mallard Hen Ca 1930's

Bernard Ohnmacht , (1899-1975), only made one rig of decoys for himself, a rig of 100 consisting of mallards, black ducks, pintails and a few geese.  He did not make any to sell. For more info see page 149 in the book "Decoys of the Mississippi Flyway" by Alan Haid.  This decoy has very fine and detailed original paint and a small dent in the back.  This is the best Ohnmacht Hen Mallard we have seen.
HC124N   Price: $3500.00  On Sale $2500.00


Reeves Family Attributed Hollow St. Clair Flats Style Red Head Drake



This decoy has original paint with fine combing on much of the body. it has old shoe buttons for eyes. it has a thin bottom board and is lightly hollowed. There is some flaking in several places most likely caused by the decoy cord while stored.

HC3N   Price $425.00



JRW Wells, Toronto, Ontario Blackduck

This decoy is in thick original paint
HC135 Price: SOLD




Unknown Hollow Black Duck upper New York State


black duck

Unusual Blind Eye Upper New York State, Alexandria Bay area, deep hollow body Black Duck.  Old Working probably second coat of Paint with some original on head and bill.  Decoy is circa 1920's and was made by a unknown carver.  This decoy is in good condition other than a tail chip and a tight crack in the neck seat area.

    HC5N   Price: $475.00  On Sale $400.00


















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